Wood pellets as fuel began to be used not so long ago. But for this period of time understanding that the pellet quality needs to be standardized. The standards regulate the heat capacity, raw materials used, percentage of ash and the content of certain chemical elements in the composition of wood pellets. Since the beginning of 2010 in the European Union there are new standards on the quality of wood pellets EN14961-2, which is confirmed by the international certificate ENplus. This European standard includes 3 quality standards or divides granules in three classes: ENplus – A1, ENplus – A2 and EN-B the First two grades of wood pellets for domestic use, and the last – the pellets that are used in boilers and industrial enterprises.
The most stringent requirements apply to the wood granules first grade: ENplus – A1, which can be used only in the private sector. Requirements to ash very strict – 0.5% for wood pellets from coniferous trees and 0.7 % for wood pellets from hardwood trees.
Grade ENplus – A2 can be used not only in the private sector, but also in the boiler. The ash content of these wood can reach 1 %, and granules can be obtained from mixed species of trees. Whereas the granules first grade strictly derived from a certain breed.
Grade EN-B – industrial or industrial wood pellets that can be used at thermal power stations. Requirements are not so strict. But all of wood pellets is the rule that they should not come from chemically treated wood.
We produce wood pellets are of the highest standard ENplus - A1. Certificate:                                                              . 

 Here are just some of the comparison parameters of the specified standard and our pellets.

We keeping our products under the highest quality standard.

* - The test specimen was selected by the Inspector of the Certification body Holzforshung Austria. Laboratory tests to check the quality of pellets the requirements of EN ISO 17225-2 were conducted in laboratories and Holzforshung Austria Eurofins Umwelt Ost GmbH, DE-09627 Bobritzsch-Hilbersdorf

* * same 17,60 MJ/kg (at a rate of ≥ 16,5 MJ/kg)

  The laboratory tests to check the conformity of the pellet quality with the requirements of EN ISO17225-2 were carried out in the laboratories of Holzforshung Austria and at Eurofins Umwelt Ost GmbH, DE-09627 Bobritzsch-Hilbersdorf