Our company produces wood pellets for heating your home. Wood pellets is an environmentally friendly biofuel derived from waste wood processing and furniture industry is special. In its form wood pellets are cylindrical in shape with a diameter of 6 mm and a length of 10÷40 mm.
Wood pellets are a modern form of fuel that has many advantages. Here are just some numbers for comparison.

As can be seen from the table, to get the same amount of energy, you must consume 1 ton of wood pellets , tona coal , 1.76 tons of firewood , 0,536 tons (945 liters) of liquefied natural gas. Now calculate, how much it will cost to ordinary consumers.

* - the price in Germany as of July 2015

So, in order to obtain the same amount of energy you need to spend:
Wood pellets – 233 EUR
Coal – 300 EUR

Firewood – 280 EUR
Liquefied gas - 580 EUR

As can be seen from the above technical characteristics, the biggest advantages of liquefied gas, but the price negates all the advantages. Wood pellets have a very high calorific value, comparable to coal, but at the same time very low ash content, which in turn increases the efficiency of the boiler used for pellets. When using wood pellets as fuel, you can automate the process of heating, which is not true about heating with wood or coal. The wood pellets is almost constant humidity 8-10%, and wood and coal very large range of moisture and when you buy them do not get to see exactly what they have at the moment the humidity. This fact strongly influences the rate of discharge of thermal energy because of the energy released during combustion is consumed in the production of moisture from the fuel. Another important indicator is applicable in the comparison of wood pellets with wood density, wood pellets it one and a half times higher than that of firewood. This helps conserve space for storage of fuel. Wood pellets are still quite favorable on Finance type of fuel that makes it even more attractive.
Wood pellets is a modern, eco-friendly, economical and efficient type of fuel.